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I wanted to express my mind and heart through a way for everyone to understand

Angels and demons

Well god damn
I just took a look back at my life,
all I saw my pain my struggles and
my fights.
Mostly with myself Mostly with my
thoughts my mind.
I question my time while in this life
Did I ever do anything wise?
I question if I did anything right
Or anything great to change my fate.
I’m a born sinner.
I was born with sin,
raised to be cleansed and be born again.
But evil knows how to crawl through my skin,
and lead me back to be that heartless mans kin.

All my life I was just a sinner,
maybe I should go see a pastor
and find my savior.
Maybe then I’ll be a real man.
live life and do the best I can
to reach the promise land.
But I guess I’m not the only one
thinking like this,
thinking like they’re walking through the valley of shadows
And the land of the damn.

But aren’t we all like this?
Don’t we all feel this?
Aren’t we all sinners
Tricked into the blindness of fake kindness.
Consumed by the ads of how good it is to be bad.
To promote and pretend of how glad it is to be with sin.
Aren’t we all saints
Trying to survive in a broken land.
Doing the best we can in order to make our life meaningful.
To make our past present and future won’t be meaningless,
for once we die every chance we regret me missed will be pointless .


Inspired by J.Cole - Born Sinner

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